Do I need to hire a private investigator for my divorce?

Do I need to hire a priva…
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Sometimes in a divorce situation it might be a good idea to hire a private investigator to help gather information or develop evidence. A private investigator also can help with counter-measures where spying is suspected, such as checking for video filming, audio listening, or location tracking devices. And private investigators often work with cyber professionals where uncovering hidden electronically stored information, or ESI, is needed.

The basic surveillance services of a private investigator usually come up in the context of bad behavior on the part of one of the spouses. Let’s say you suspect your spouse of infidelity, or abuse of alcohol or drugs, or of surreptitious gambling, or of some fraudulent financial activity, or of hiding income or assets, or of neglecting or mistreating your children. A private investigator can help find out whether your suspicions are well founded, and can gather evidence to prove the bad behavior in court if your spouse continues to deny it. This can sometimes be an important part in getting a case settled, or getting the judge to see things your way.

A private investigator can also come to your residence and check for devices or software that someone planted to spy on you. Although very rare, some clients have a good sense that their current or former spouse might be getting illicit information about them. A private investigator can find out for you, and at least put your mind at ease if nothing is found.

And with the increasing reliance on social media and electronic communications and data storage, a good private investigator service can also help with collecting and preserving evidence from computers, phones, and other electronic devices, even when the other side has tried to hide or erase it.

If you think you might be in a situation that calls for a private investigator’s services, talk about it with your lawyer, so you can explore the pros and cons in the context of your particular case.