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Family law issues are more than just legal; they have financial, social, and emotional components. And the quality of your legal representation can have a significant impact on the outcome of every aspect of your divorce or other family law dispute.

The family law and divorce attorneys at Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield provide comprehensive guidance for Gaithersburg family law matters. Common cases include divorce, custody, child support, spousal support, marital property, and more.

Our attorneys have a variety of dispute resolution tools at their disposal to strategically approach the issues in your case. We are creative negotiators and seasoned trial attorneys with decades of experience mediating, negotiating, and litigating divorces and other disputes in Gaithersburg and around Montgomery County.

Gaithersburg Divorce Attorney Services

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Every divorce is different, but your priorities may be similar to those of other people: to protect your children’s well-being; to conserve your financial resources; and to preserve your own peace of mind during the process, and beyond.

Our Gaithersburg divorce attorneys will support you through the divorce process and to achieve the outcome you need to move forward. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns, and craft a customized strategy to achieve your goals.

Among the many options available to settle issues in your divorce. Your path to the resolution might include mediation, attorney-supported negotiation, or Collaborative Divorce. If it is not possible to agree on the resolution of issues, those disputed issues will be decided at trial by a judge in Montgomery County.

At Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield, we try to help our clients resolve their divorce disputes as efficiently and amicably as possible. We are respected in Gaithersburg and Montgomery County for our creative strategy and record of success at trial.

Choosing the Best Family Lawyer for Your Case

A divorce or family law dispute is a turning point in your life, and in your children’s lives. It is essential to choose an attorney with whom you are comfortable working, and who has the skill to achieve your goals for the legal process. How do you choose a divorce lawyer in Gaithersburg, MD?

The best way to learn whether an attorney is right for you is to read law firm reviews and to schedule a consultation to meet with the attorney team that will be assigned to your case. If you are facing a family law dispute, you likely have many questions about the law and the legal process in Gaithersburg. An initial consultation should give you some of the answers you need, and confidence about navigating the remainder of the process with that attorney’s assistance.

In addition to finding an attorney who is deeply experienced in Maryland family law, do not underestimate the importance of the attorney’s local knowledge of Gaithersburg and Montgomery County, particularly the judges, courts, and other attorneys. A family law attorney who is familiar with the legal landscape in your community will be a more effective strategist in your case.

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Retaining an attorney to represent you in your family law dispute is an investment in your family’s future well-being. The Gaithersburg family law attorneys of Strickler, Platnick & Hatfield have dedicated their careers to dealing with the wide range of legal disputes affecting Maryland couples and their children. To learn more about our family law services, please contact us today!