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Times change. Families change.

Work with a law firm that can keep up.

Families are ever-evolving. So is the law that governs their disputes. In a world in which the legal issues affecting families are constantly changing, why would you work with a law firm that does things the same way they always have?

Strickler, Platnick, & Hatfield calls itself “The Modern Family Law Firm” because our attorneys stay on the cutting edge of everything to do with family law. We work with clients in all family configurations. We remain current with every new development in the law. We use the latest technology to further our clients’ goals and make their experience of the legal process better.

What to Expect

  • You will meet initially with two of our experienced family law attorneys to discuss the facts of your situation, your goals, and your legal options.
  • We will customize a legal strategy driven by your unique needs. With decades of experience in negotiation, mediation, and litigation, we design a plan to protect your interests and achieve your goals.
  • After thorough preparation, our attorneys will advocate for you in negotiation or at trial, using creative tactics to achieve the resolution you seek and enable you to move forward with your life.

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We Understand Family Matters

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Strategic Planning.

Sophisticated Advocacy.

  • We advocate for individuals in complex and often contentious family law matters, including divorce and custody.
  • Our attorneys are trained in mediation, collaborative law, and other alternative dispute resolution.
  • As experienced litigators, we prepare every case as if it will be tried in court.

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“Great lawyer to work with. Excellent communicator and listener. Courtroom skills exceptional. Would highly recommend for any family law situation.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“I highly recommend Geoff. He and his all-star team assisted me through a difficult and contentious divorce and child custody case. Geoff’s knowledge and personal relationships really assisted in the positive outcome of my case. Geoff was efficient throughout the…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Avvo Review
“Took a personalized approach to my complex divorce and was available to achieve an outcome beyond my highest expectations.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“Strategic and Pragmatic. Geoff has seen plenty of situations and how they play out. Geoff has an expert understanding of the process. Geoff does a great job of communication and letting you know what’s going on by including you in…”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Avvo Review
“One of the most dedicated, fair, competent, patient attorneys I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He has helped myself and many others through some difficult times. He is a very good listener and can direct you in the…”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“Excellent at simultaneously executing specific tactical aspects of the case while maintaining overall macro view.”
– Family Law Attorney
“I have worked with Geoffrey S. Platnick as an expert witness in several cases and find him to be an excellent attorney with a real interest in his clients.”
– Child Custody Expert , ★★★★★ Review
“Absolutely amazing during a very difficult time.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“He is a brilliant lawyer, a fantastic strategist, willing to resolve cases through mediation but kick butt in court if that is required, and in the final analysis, effective in achieving his clients’ goals. One of the really great ones.…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Martindale-Hubbell Review
“A very empathetic and diligent person and attorney. His tact in suggesting acceptable solutions to emotionally charged situations and sensitivity to child issues that can easily get neglected in the egoic fracases in such cases is truly exemplary. I am,…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Martindale-Hubbell Review

Divorce Is Difficult.

Let Us Make the Legal Process Easier.

Divorce is never easy, even under the best circumstances. Often, the legal process can seem confusing and overwhelming. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare and put you in control of shaping your future.

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