When I realized that my divorce was inevitable, I interviewed about 20 attorneys. In talking with them, many seemed angrier than I was as they told me how they would punish my ex and made promises that they had no way of delivering.

When I interviewed Geoff, his approach was strikingly different. He started by focusing on where we were (the ex had been planning the divorce for months before I clued in so we were way behind and in a bad spot). Next, he asked me to make some tough choices and to be certain that those answers were what I really wanted. Once we were sure, he laid out an intelligent strategy, focusing on when to fight and when to compromise. At the end of the process, we didn’t get EVERYTHING, but he delivered on everything that I said mattered for my family and me.

Over the course of my ex’s eight-year campaign, which included the initial divorce, three protective orders, two custody modifications, and three appeals (all initiated by the ex), Geoff stayed focused on the best interests of my family even when I was too angry/frustrated/sad/exhausted to do so. His experience and thoughtful guidance have been invaluable through the most difficult times of my life and, as he pointed out in that first interview, things will (and DID) get much better once my family and I were safe.