Eric Brodsky

Geoff served as my daughter's Best Interest Attorney (BIA) in my custody case. Geoff matched and exceeded his title because all of his actions in the case were based on the best interests of my daughter. Geoff spend a lot of time with my daughter (with me, with my ex-wife, and in the school setting) and he really understood her.
Prior to Geoff's involved I had a challenging relationship with my ex-wife that may have had a negative impact on my daughter (she was in Kindergarten at the time). With Geoff's help, my ex-wife and I modified our co-parenting to ensure that we both had the best interests of our daughter with all of our interactions. Today, my ex-wife and I have a fantastic co-parenting relationship and my daughter is thriving - she is a happy child who is doing very well in school and in life.
I appreciate Geoff's focus on the best interests of my daughter and I highly recommend Geoff to serve as a BIA in your custody case.