personal injury claimantDivorce Finances

How Does a Divorce Affect a Personal Injury Settlement?

An injury settlement can be significantly impacted by a divorce.

military divorceMilitary Divorce

4 Things You Should Know About a Military Divorce

Given the special legal and logistical concerns that come with serving in the military, the divorce process can be extremely difficult.

the prenupPrenuptial Agreement

Can You Modify a Prenuptial Agreement?

Prenuptial agreements have grown more popular in recent years, especially among those getting married for the second time or those who want to protect their major assets or wealth.

Collaborative Law or collaborative practice, divorce or family law.

Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Divorce Law?

There are ways to lessen conflict and promote communication between divorced spouses. This solution is an alternative dispute resolution procedure called collaborative divorce.

Young Asian couple posing on pink background

Marriage and Divorce Conflict

5 Tips for Working Through Marriage Conflict

Conflicts have the potential to foster understanding and growth or they can turn toxic and destructive, which can eventually lead to divorce.