Preparing for Divorce

Signs Your Spouse Is Planning to File for Divorce

If your spouse suddenly moves out of the home, needs to take some extended trips or "time apart to think", they may be planning to file for divorce.

Financial Issues

What is the Income Shares Model for Determining Child Support?

If you’re divorcing in the U.S. and have a child under 18, you may be paying or receiving child support going forward. Will it be based on the income shares model?

Coping With Divorce

Paths You Might Experience During Divorce

Take these steps to let go of negative emotions like anger, blame, resentment, and regret; letting go will give you the freedom to move forward in life.

Children and Divorce

What do Kids of Divorce Take Into Adulthood With Them?

Your kids are watching & listening to everything you say & do. They'll take those lessons into adulthood, so make sure to model self-care as well as stress.

Divorce Recovery

How to Glow Up After Your Divorce

Divorce can take a heavy hit on your mind, body, and self-esteem. Use this summer to turn your situation around and glow up with these helpful tips!