Considering Divorce

Should You Stay Together for the Children’s Sake?

Basically, when it comes to divorce and children a parent should do what they know to be in their child’s best interest.

Relationships and Dating

One Date Wonders: My Revolving Door of Post-Divorce Dating

I found that the more men I dated the less likely I was to feel good about myself and it certainly wasn’t going to lead to a healthy relationship.

Coping with Divorce

9 Strategies to Keep Yourself Together After Divorce

Personal catastrophe can teach us, or damage us. Here’s how to come through it.

Co-Parenting after Divorce

Why Shared Parenting After Divorce Is Optimal for Children

Studies have shown that children who spend 35% or more of their time with each parent have deeper bonds and a better relationship with both parents.

Debt and Divorce

Should You File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Before or After Divorce?

Declaring bankruptcy can be the right option for those who find themselves in a desperate financial situation during or after divorce, but timing can be crucial.