Legal Issues

Does an Expert Witness’ Opinion Depend on Who Hired Them?

If a divorce case goes to trial, the experts brought by each party may have different – if not diametrically opposing – views. How does this happen?

Financial Issues

Divorce: Do You Need a Business Valuation Expert?

Valuation of business interests in the context of divorce can be complex and litigating the issues of support and asset division can be challenging.

Coping with Divorce

Divorce, Zen Style: Managing Emotions in a Divorce

In a divorce, you need a clear head, a long-view and a realistic assessment of where you are and where you are going.

Conflict Resolution

5 Tips for Working Through Relationship Conflict

Working through issues in a relationship doesn’t have to be the same as “fighting.” Here’s a better approach for those with divorce or co-parenting problems to solve.

Supporting Your Teen During and After Divorce: Here are 21 Tips

Most parents and a lot of other people want to support a young person as they go through such a challenging time as the divorce of their parents.