Portrait of beautiful family having fun in open parkChild Custody

10 Factors That Influence Child Custody

There are a number of different factors that are considered in child custody cases. As a parent going through any type of child custody or child visitation matter, it is imperative that you are prepared for the process.

DivorcePreparing For Divorce

When to Call it Quits: 6 Red Flags in a Marriage

There are red flags that you need to watch out for that could indicate it is the right time for a divorce.

Smiling woman playing with piggy bankFinancials And Divorce

What Are the Financial Benefits of Getting Divorced?

While there are obviously going to be some upfront costs and the potential for a period of financial strain, a divorce can absolutely put some people in a more secure, sustainable long-term financial position.

Sad Young Man Sitting At Home At The Kitchen Table

Effects Of Divorce

What Are the Negative Effects of Divorce?

Divorce is linked to negative effects. Find a comprehensive explanation of the negative effects of divorce and an overview of the steps that you can take to help avoid them.

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Children And Divorce

Effects of Divorce on Children: An Age-by-Age Breakdown

There are proactive steps that you can take as a parent to make your divorce as smooth, easy, and stress-free as possible for your child. Here is an age-by-age breakdown of the effects that a divorce can have on children.