The Divorce Process

The Role of Your Divorce Team

Consulting an Attorney, CDFA Professional, and Therapist During Your Divorce

Relationship Matters

7 Ways to Repair Relationship Conflict and Recover More Quickly

Relationship conflict will happen and differences don’t have to lead to a breakup. Dealing effectively with disagreements can make your partnership stronger.

Children and Divorce

Should You Tell the Kids about the Affair

There are a few considerations you must make before deciding whether or not telling the children about your or your spouse’s affair is the right step to take.

Financial Matters

7 Ways a Single Parent Can Stay Financially Fit

As a single parent, these seven tips are going to keep you – and your bank account – happy. And give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Divorce Recovery

4 Grounding Tools to Help with Divorce Grief

Learning effective coping skills for divorce grief and putting ourselves first.