Financial Issues

Are All Assets Equal in Your Divorce?

When dividing assets during divorce, it isn’t only about the value of the asset – there’s more to consider. All assets are not created equal!

Children and Divorce

How to Help Kids Learn Resilience: 6 Tips for Single Parents

After divorce, kids need resilience to be able to “bounce back” from the pain of losing their intact family. Here are 6 tips to help kids learn resilience.

Divorce and Annulment

Trailing Spouses: Divorce, Depression, and the Challenges They Face

Facing divorce after following your husband from state to state or country to country? If so, you’re what is commonly referred to as a “trailing spouse.”

Relationships and Dating

Hard Lessons Learned from a Post-Divorce Relationship

If you jump too quickly into a post-divorce relationship, you may find yourself in a relationship that is less than healthy.

Coping with Divorce

Dos and Don’ts for a Low-Conflict Divorce

Following these tips will promote civility and help you and your spouse navigate a low-conflict divorce.