Divorce Process

Maintaining Your House During Divorce: A Quick Guide

If you own your home, deciding what to do with the house will be one of the largest financial decisions during divorce.

Financial Issues

How Divorced Parents Can Plan Ahead for College Costs

Tackling college costs is stressful enough for any family. For separated or divorced parents, planning for college can be an extra source of stress and contention.

Father's Day

Enjoying Father’s Day Alone Post-Divorce

If your children won't be with you, keeping active can help dispel gloomy thoughts. Here are 7 ways to get through the holiday.


5 Myths About Co-Parenting After Divorce

After a divorce, you start a new type of relationship with your ex. Don’t talk yourself into believing these myths.

Life After Divorce

Are You Stuck in the Rejection Phase After Divorce?

If you are stuck in the rejection phase, it means that you haven't faced your fears or painful emotions yet. Here are 5 signs that you're stuck.