Preparing for Divorce

What Does it Mean When a Marriage is Irretrievably Broken?

An irretrievably broken marriage means that one or both parties are claiming the relationship can't be fixed and must end in divorce.

Financial Issues

Estate Planning After Divorce: Important Items to Consider

It is important that your estate planning attorney understand your divorce obligations. Learn more here.

Holidays and Divorce

New Year's Day Blues: 7 Tips to Help You Deal With Post Holiday Let Down

Remember the saying, "All things shall pass." This was my motto during divorce and it can be used during a less favorite season. The cycle of seasons, like life, encompasses variety and keeps things interesting.

Co-Parenting after Divorce

Thinking About Bird's Nest Custody? Here Are Some Items to Consider

"Nesting" or "Birdnesting" is often used to describe a situation where the children remain in the marital home and the separated or divorced parents move in and out of the home on an alternating schedule.

Life after Divorce

Dating Post-Divorce: Being Stuck In The Middle of a "Situationship"

After your divorce, you may want to get back into the dating game. But beware of getting caught in a "situationship." Read on to learn more about what a situationship is – and how to avoid one.