Preparing for Divorce

5 Tips for Keeping the Peace with Your Spouse During Divorce

If you are getting a divorce and you have children together, then finding a non-hostile way to go through a divorce is important

How-to-Help-Your-Teen-Survive-Your-Divorce-500x334Children and Divorce

How to Help Your Teen Survive Your Divorce

Divorcing when your child is a teenager poses unique challenges. In many ways, the two of you are in a similar spot — while you’re trying to establish a new life as a single person, your teen is trying to discover their own solid identity and place in the world.

Financial Issues

7 Tips for Protecting Your Credit During Divorce

Divorce is no walk in the park. You’re not only dealing with the legal and emotional aspects of divorce you’re also considering reentering the dating scene or rebuilding your life as a single person or parent.

Coping with Divorce

7 Things to Consider When Divorcing in the New Digital Age

Over the last 15 years, with the prevalence of email, Twitter, and Facebook divorce has changed a lot.

Health & Well Being

5 Ways to Take Care of Yourself Emotionally During Divorce

Divorce, the legal process, is emotionally draining. Due to this, it can be easy to get lost in the process and for divorce to become your entire life.