Preparing for Divorce

4 Common Divorce Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them

Here are the most common divorce mistakes an experienced family lawyer has seen people make, as well as some tips to guide you toward a better way.

Financial Issues

Should You Demand Life Insurance in a Divorce Settlement?

Protect yourself from the burden of a financially devastating divorce with life insurance in your divorce settlement.

Holidays and Divorce

How to Lift the Divorce Fog During the Holidays

Take a deep breath and slowly exhale all the darkness, noise, fear, anger, bitterness, self-doubt, and self-hatred. Then, with a clear head, ask yourself these questions.

Coping with Divorce

How to Deal With Divorce the Healthy Way

Even if you can't do anything about the fact that your divorce is happening, there are things you can do to deal with divorce the healthy way.

Children and Divorce

The Unvarnished Truth About Children and Divorce

When parents focus more on their own emotional needs than their children's needs, those children are irreparably harmed by divorce.