Considering Divorce

What is the Impact of Infidelity on Divorce?

Can your partner's infidelity be held against them if you get a divorce? Here's what you need to know about how infidelity could affect your own split.

Property Division

Business Goodwill in Divorce Settlements: A Primer

Here are the courts’ definitions of business goodwill, the types of goodwill those courts generally recognize, and which types can be considered marital property subject to division on divorce.

Conflict Resolution

Get Leverage When Negotiating with a Narcissist

If you are negotiating with a narcissist, the only way to emerge unscathed is to build leverage. Find out how to get that leverage here.

Children and Parenting Issues

The Psychological Effects of Divorce on Parents and Children

Divorce – or child custody disputes when a non-marital arrangement ends – means changes that are stressful for both parents and children.

Divorce Recovery

Top 10 Signs You Are the Victim of Gaslighting

If you're a victim of gaslighting, you may initially doubt that you are being abused at all. Instead, you may think that you're “just too sensitive” or "not remembering correctly.