Sad depressed man checking bills, anxiety about debt or bankruptcyChild Support

What Do I Do About My Child Support Order if I Lost My Job?

If you owe money under a child support order, navigating the loss of a job can be especially challenging. There are options to get your child support order modified to account for your current financial situation.

little boy tired stressed of reading, doing homeworkChildren and Divorce

Three Stages of Divorce for Children

While every child is different and requires personalized, age-appropriate care and attention, there are some common stages that kids tend to go through when they find out that their parents are separating.

Latin woman relaxing next to flowersHealth & Well Being

Maintaining Your Sanity Through Divorce: Strategies for Emotional Well-being

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing experience, but there are methods to help you navigate the process while preserving your mental health.

Full length shot of an adorable dog lying on the sofa at home

Life After Divorce

Who Legally Gets the Dog in a Breakup?

When going through a separation—whether a breakup or a divorce—determining what happens to the dog can be especially stressful.

Father holds daughter by the hand

Child Custody

Five Factors That Could Affect Your Child Custody

It is crucial that divorcing or separating parents know how to protect their parental rights and their family. You need a plan for navigating child custody. The process starts with understanding the key factors that could affect your rights.