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September 2021 Edition

— 10 Reasons Why Senior Married Adults Seek Divorce
— What Types of Expenses Are Covered by Child Support?
— 5 Back-to-School Tips for Separated and Divorced Parents
— Are Some Parents More at Risk to Parental Alienation than Others?
— Getting through Divorce with Grace and Dignity at Any Age
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August 2021 Edition

— Thinking About Divorce? Where You Start Matters
— 5 Steps to Saving Your Credit from Your Ex
— What to Do When Divorced Parents Disagree on the COVID-19 Vaccine
— Bird Nesting After Divorce: Honoring Our Family's History
— Newly Single? Here Are 8 Things to Look Forward to
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July 2021 Edition

— 7 Tips for Spending the Summer Without Your Kids
— Why Courts Prefer Parents Settle During Divorce
— Your Spouse is Hiding Cryptocurrency During Divorce
— 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Child
— 4 Grief Ritual Steps to Honor the End of Your Marriage
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June 2021 Edition

— Maintaining Your House During Divorce: A Quick Guide
— How Divorced Parents Can Plan Ahead for College Costs
— Enjoying Father’s Day Alone Post-Divorce
— 5 Myths About Co-Parenting After Divorce
— Are You Stuck in the Rejection Phase After Divorce?
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May 2021 Edition

— Healthy Divorce: How to Make Your Split As Smooth As Possible
— How to Manage Your Money For a Promising Future Post-Divorce
— 7 Tips for Women Coping with Sadness on Mother’s Day
— How the COVID-19 Crisis Has Changed the Family Dynamic
— Stages of Grief During Divorce
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April 2021 Edition

— 5 Crucial Things to Consider When Filing for a Divorce
— 4 Clever Ways to Make Money From Home After Divorce
— Finding Things to Celebrate When Going Through Divorce
— Positive Habits to Develop When Going Through Divorce
— How to Make Divorce Easier for Your Children
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March 2021 Edition

— Choosing Your Family Law Professional During Divorce
— 9 Issues that Will Need Your Attention During the Divorce Process
— Managing The Fear Of Dealing With Your Finances After A Divorce
— How I Prepared My Child When I Got Divorced
— Reconnecting To Self Is “Key” To Divorce Recovery
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February 2021 Edition

— 6 Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Planning to Divorce
— Divorced? Consider These 5 Things Before Buying a New House
— 5 Ways to Beat Anxiety After Divorce
— Moving on and Finding New Love After a Divorce with Children
— 6 Ways to Heal from a Divorce and Move On
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January 2021 Edition

— Top Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
— Unhappy New Year? Tips to Help You Move on after Divorce
— How To Free Yourself Financially From Your Ex-Spouse
— How To Guide Your Kids Through Divorce
— I’m Single and Have NO Interest in Dating Since My Divorce
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December 2020 Edition

— Divorce Lawyers: Why You Need to Hire One
— 3 Categories To Focus on as You Prepare Financially for Divorce
— How We Celebrate Holidays After Divorce
— Dealing With the Aftermath of Divorce: Your Personal Guide
— The Challenge of Staying Fit During Divorce and COVID-19: Tips for Tough Times
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November 2020 Edition

— What You Need to Know About Divorce During COVID-19
— The Financial Impact of Divorce During the Pandemic
— Holidays On (N)ice: How to Handle Holiday Disagreements
— Preparing For the COVID-19 Vaccine: Tips For Disagreeing Co-Parents
— What Are Your Non-Negotiables for Dating After Divorce?
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October 2020 Edition

— How to Amicably Divorce Your Spouse During COVID-19
— Selling Your House During Divorce: A Comprehensive Guide
— Addressing Post-Divorce Child Custody Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis
— How to Set Up Your New Place After a Divorce
— When Your Ex Calls: Five Rules of Engagement for Positive Interaction
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“Great lawyer to work with. Excellent communicator and listener. Courtroom skills exceptional. Would highly recommend for any family law situation.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“I highly recommend Geoff. He and his all-star team assisted me through a difficult and contentious divorce and child custody case. Geoff’s knowledge and personal relationships really assisted in the positive outcome of my case. Geoff was efficient throughout the…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Avvo Review
“Took a personalized approach to my complex divorce and was available to achieve an outcome beyond my highest expectations.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“Strategic and Pragmatic. Geoff has seen plenty of situations and how they play out. Geoff has an expert understanding of the process. Geoff does a great job of communication and letting you know what’s going on by including you in…”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Avvo Review
“One of the most dedicated, fair, competent, patient attorneys I have had the pleasure of dealing with. He has helped myself and many others through some difficult times. He is a very good listener and can direct you in the…”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“Excellent at simultaneously executing specific tactical aspects of the case while maintaining overall macro view.”
– Family Law Attorney
“I have worked with Geoffrey S. Platnick as an expert witness in several cases and find him to be an excellent attorney with a real interest in his clients.”
– Child Custody Expert , ★★★★★ Review
“Absolutely amazing during a very difficult time.”
– Divorce Client , ★★★★★ Review
“He is a brilliant lawyer, a fantastic strategist, willing to resolve cases through mediation but kick butt in court if that is required, and in the final analysis, effective in achieving his clients’ goals. One of the really great ones.…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Martindale-Hubbell Review
“A very empathetic and diligent person and attorney. His tact in suggesting acceptable solutions to emotionally charged situations and sensitivity to child issues that can easily get neglected in the egoic fracases in such cases is truly exemplary. I am,…”
– Family Law Client , ★★★★★ Martindale-Hubbell Review