Geoff has been my attorney for two separate family law cases. He represented me at the end of a difficult divorce case, and then again a year later for a two-year custody battle. He was a tireless advocate for me and my kids; his legal expertise was most welcome during my very involved case.

My ex is a clear narcissist, and Geoff showed endless patience in dealing with his many red herrings (and he helped me stay calm as well). Geoff handled my high-conflict case with ease and helped us reach settlement right before trial, saving me a lot of money. I appreciate everything Geoff did for me, but what I appreciate the most was his honesty and integrity – while he represented me aggressively he was never unfair to the other side; he was always up front about what he believed the right path was, and he never pushed me to take any steps I wasn't comfortable in taking. Geoff’s goal was never just to get even and never pushed for legal actions that weren't warranted to create drama or raise the price tag.

Most importantly, Geoff was always honest about what the chances were before taking any legal actions, and he did his best to save money whenever possible. On top of that, Geoff was always cheerful and friendly when I needed to talk to him! I knew he cared about what happened to my family. While it is always my hope that no one ever needs Geoff’s service, I would (and do) recommend Geoff to anyone who needs an excellent family law attorney.